Jiayue Li

Hi, I'm senior at University of California, Berkeley, studying Computer Science!

About Me

I love building with code, which is what led me to pursue computer science at UC Berkeley. I'm always interested in learning and researching new technology, pursuing new projects, and thinking about the best ways to tackle a problem. Away from the keyboard, I enjoy hiking, travelling, and playing the cello. I'm from San Diego, California!



Data Science Intern
python scikit learn pandas flask plotly jupyter notebook

At Salesforce, I worked on the Infrastructure Data Science and Strategy team to a build model that predicts the organizations that would most significantly increase impact on our core infrastructure.


Software Engineering Intern
java python scikit learn pandas flask scala spring

As a part of the Multi-Item Trip team within Expedia, I developed a project that helps recommend users the right product after they book a flight on our website. The project involved building and integrating an application that leveraged a machine learning model to predict the line of business a customer would book after a flight, utilizing customer and trip data.

I work at the Berkeley Institute of Data Science (BIDS) alongside Dr. Stéfan van der Walt. My project involved image classification to identify bee species using machine learning. In the past, I've also completed a data rescue project from forum SciPy Central to recover information for SciPy, a Python library for scientific computing.

As Director of Technology, I am implementing a new project-based division of our club to help members explore new areas of the tech industry. I assist project leaders within our Tech Committee with planning and development of their projects from scratch, which focus on areas of software engineering such ranging from web development to machine learning.

Collaborated within a ten-student team to interpret and implement an imagination-augmented artificial intelligence model based on DeepMind research paper, training an artificial reinforcement-learning agent to play breakout.


iOS Developer
swift google firebase facebook api

Developed front-end views in our map-based social media iOS application, involving navigation controllers, table views, and carousels, etc. Also collaborated with teammates back-end in designing an efficient and responsive JSON tree structure for our Google Firebase database.


Built With
python scikit-learn scikit-image pandas jupyter notebook

A image classification project for research at Berkeley Institute for Data Science to classify bee wings by species.

Built With
python microsoft azure swift javascript flask google cloud

Surround Sound that lets you take a picture of your surroundings and generates a playlist that suits your environment.

Rainy Day

Built With
javascript aws lambda dynamoDB

Built during a company hackathon, Rainy Day uses forecasts of unexpected weather to recommend indoor activities to Expedia travelers. The service schedules daily checkups on weather, and alerts users who have booked a trip in a rainy location, sending them a curated email of rainy-weather activities.

Built With
python postgres sql django sphinx

Project for research at Berkeley Institute for Data Science to recover information from SciPyCentral, a developer forum for scientific computing library SciPy. Extracted and cleaned data from Postgres database and created documentation around user posts using Sphinx to use as reference on SciPy's website.

Alexa Nutritrion Tracker

Built With
alexa aws javascript swift

Nutrition Tracker helps you keep track of your personal health goals while answering any health related questions you may have.

Friendly Chat

Built With
ios swift google firebase facebook graph api

Chat with your Facebook friends on Friendly Chat, in both private and group conversations.


java python git scikit-learn pandas
go c flask swift google firebase sql html
aws lambda css javascript scikit-image scalatest solidity
spring c++ postgres lisp/scheme